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What's in my bag?
Sunday, September 25, 2011 ♔

I love watching and seeing what's in other peoples bags, so I decided to show mine! All the quirky things I have..

1. My gray Marc Ecko bag.
2. My study planner from Korea. One of my favorite planners ever.
3. Rainbow jellpen 10 set from Korea.
4. My pencil case from Korea. I love this.
5. Aviators, the color is sepia, so it looks really cool.
6. Mentos strawberry flavor filled gum.
7. Pens and pencils.
8. Little pouch I use to carry oil blotting papers.
9. Japanese eraser that smells like pineapples!
10. Decorative masking tape.
11. Hello Kitty raspberry flavored candies
12. Earphones
13. My 32 GB Zune HD. <3
14. Phone
15. Hello Kitty calculator
16. My Felix the Cat wallet. Looking to buy a new one.
17. Handy Hand Sanitizer. Haha, handy. No pun intended.
18. Zune HD Case, and Earphone case.
19. Vocab book.

Yeah. The contents of my bad aren't that cool as other peoples, but thats whats in my bag!


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