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Sorry for really late update.
Thursday, August 18, 2011 ♔

Well. I'm just really updating today. Thats all. The past few weeks I have been spending my life at band. I thought it was going to suck big time but it didn't. It's really fun. I think because now I know more people and just havin fun. Plus I got toned preety well. ;]

Today was by far the most funniest. Casara and I.......... never make it through an inside rehearsal without laughing. Today was horrible.
We were just cracking jokes left and right. Laughing at nothing. She just looks at me and starts laughing. Ah I love her. We just had a love fest on Facebook haha! It was bad. We couldn't even play the music because we were laughing. And just typing this is making me giggle. xD

Ah. And plus Mr. Crummel called me Ashley... again. I was like realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? And the band was like "OH DAMN LOL"

yeah nothing much. But it was fun laughing with Casara. Feels like I've gotten more closer with her. <3 :3

plus, Jacquie and I partyed reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal hard last night.

(lol, in our head)

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