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Tag, you're it!
Sunday, April 24, 2011 ♔

Playing tag in department stores are so fun. For example, Burlington Coat Factory. Probably the best place to go. Well on Friday, Elizabeth, Jacquie, Hazel, Misty, and me went to the mall and played tag. xD We had a half day of school so we just went after. It was fun! Jacquie and I shared some food from this place called Asian Too. LOL WEIRDEST NAME. Then we just walked around, went to Forever 21 and just shopped around, nothing really there, but it was all just for fun. I saw my friend Anna who I've never seen before in real life! LOL IT WAS COOL. I've talked to her only on the computer through mutual friends, and yeah, everytime we had a chance to meet, it wouldn't work out. Then we decided to go to Bass Pro: Outdoor World, and just look around. Elizabeth and Misty were hiding in tents and stuff. Then there was this huge tank of fishies, so awesome! There was this once fish with a snout, and omg it was the cutest thing ever.

We then headed over to this new yogurt place called Yogurt Bear, and it was the first day they were opening. The guy told us that if we liked the page on facebook we would get a extra 10% off. Of course then everyone gets out their phone and starts trying to find this thing. Misty had no service, but then she found some signal right in the middle of the store and was saying "this is the only place I have service!" haha it was funny. Jacquie and I shared again. We got pomegranate & blueberry yogurt with strawberries, mochi balls, and fruit gel. YUM. LOL we share everything. <3 After we sat down and ate our yogurt, this is when we decided to go and play tag. 

The most intense game of tag I've ever played, and the best. 
To start off, Jacquie and I were on a team, and we had the most epic hiding spots ever. Omg, we were like true creepers, dodging everyone and just awesome. ^-^ Then this is when things got craazy. Hazel found Jacquie and I and we were running everywhere, she then got Jacquie and then Jacquie got me. But I still stayed with Jacquie, and we  tricked Misty. I tagged misty, and Jacquie and I were together again. Stayed away for a while, then I think I got tagged, and Jacquie was gone. I then followed Misty and Elizabeth and creeped on Misty, and BAM she was it again. This time Elizabeth and I were together, and we were running everywhere. We stayed hidden for a while to realize Hazel was it again, and we decided to have Hazel on our side. We kept her with is trying to tag Jacquie, but one problem. Jacquie and Misty were completely hidden. We spent like 40 minutes trying to find them, we got manipulated and everything. Paranoia came in to the game and no one trusted anyone. Oh gosh, it was awesome. Then it was time for Elizabeth and me to leave. Misty and Jacquie finally came out, and said bye. Next time we are going to do that again, but with more people. Was the best~ <3

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And we go fallin' fallin' faillin'
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 ♔

Today was pretty fun. Almost all of my friends were in a very hyper mood, or how Jacquie and Vivian say, "Derpy".

1st period: Misty and I were making weird noises, and stuff. The usual. Just doing some French work.. ehhh. French went by fast anyways.

2nd Pd: Have no friends.

3rd Period: Well, Jacquie and Pierre left because they are all smarticle and they had to go to AP testing registration, so I was stuck with Linda. Haha, it's not a bad thing. We had to color some stupid digestive system paper, blechh. We were just making jokes and talking about random crap.

4th: Had a test, basically it. Dani helped me with my project. :D

>>On the way to 5th, I was walking down the stairs with Misty, Jacquie, and Hoa. Jacquie stepped on my shoe, and I missed a step. Mannnnnnnnnn, that was some scary stuff. xD <<

5th: OMG THIS CLASS. :D We didn't have to play today, so we were just all hanging around, Casara was working on our project, and I was talking with Brenda and stuff. I don't even remember what we were talking about, but I bet it was something weird.

6th: Just went over Romeo and Juliet.

7th: Just worked on a project with Casara, and talked to my teacher about some non-school related stuff. XD

So, school went by pretty fast, and it was a good day. So. YEAH. Yesterday was pretty good too. I've been hyper and stuff, maybe because the school year is ending, but yeah. <3

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 ♔

I love songs that make you smile and just feel like dancing around. It feels like I've been regenerated. My spirts lifted. I love it. Those happy sunny songs that you just need once in a while. Just. I value music so much.


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Hello World
Tuesday, April 5, 2011 ♔

HELLLO BLOG READERS. :D Sorry I've been kind of A-Wall lately. I was superrrrrrrrrrrr busy last week with homework and then I got a fever. So bad that I could hardly walk. I was so weak. And I didn't get on the computer. I just watched a whole bunch of re-runs of Avatar and iCarly. Speaking of iCarly I really want to see the episode: iOMG on Saturday. Yes, Ima dweeb. But other than that I will try to update. I have testing this week, so I'm not sure. BUT I SHALL TRYY~

With love. <3


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