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What's in my bag?
Sunday, September 25, 2011 ♔

I love watching and seeing what's in other peoples bags, so I decided to show mine! All the quirky things I have..

1. My gray Marc Ecko bag.
2. My study planner from Korea. One of my favorite planners ever.
3. Rainbow jellpen 10 set from Korea.
4. My pencil case from Korea. I love this.
5. Aviators, the color is sepia, so it looks really cool.
6. Mentos strawberry flavor filled gum.
7. Pens and pencils.
8. Little pouch I use to carry oil blotting papers.
9. Japanese eraser that smells like pineapples!
10. Decorative masking tape.
11. Hello Kitty raspberry flavored candies
12. Earphones
13. My 32 GB Zune HD. <3
14. Phone
15. Hello Kitty calculator
16. My Felix the Cat wallet. Looking to buy a new one.
17. Handy Hand Sanitizer. Haha, handy. No pun intended.
18. Zune HD Case, and Earphone case.
19. Vocab book.

Yeah. The contents of my bad aren't that cool as other peoples, but thats whats in my bag!


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Yes, I'm alive.

Hello blogger kingdom. Yes, I am alive. No, I am not giving up blogging. Sorry for the like... really long wait for a new post. It's been what.. more than a month? Well. My schedule is completely crammed and I just have no time. I have band everyday after school for 2 hours, then by the time I get home, eat and shower, and studying, plus homework it's late. Taking all pre-ap and ap classes take some dedication to my time. Hence the really long hiatus. I'm not giving up on my blogger, just take this as a notice that I have to time because even my weekends are booked. I have football games to play at, and plus marching contests, but yeah. I love band though. It's like a family to me. SO MANY MEMORIES :D

Oh guys, this is my school band playing a song known as "Land of 1000 Dances"
I think this is the bands favorite song, as you can see all the fun we have with it. xD You can't see me because the flutes are only shown once and i'm all the way in the corner so you can't see me jumping. :P

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