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Someone just came up to me.. and said TAG!
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 ♔

Here are the rules: 
1. Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
2. You have to choose and tag ten people.
3. Go to their blogs and tell them that you tagged them.
4. No tag backs.
5. Have some fun.

1. I love floral stuff. So much.
2. I have a really bad obsession with technology.
3. I'm deathly afraid of heights.
4. My obsession with Strawberries grows everyday.
5. Watching Disney Channel is still amusing to me.
6. I want to travel with friends.
7. I think my 2 favorite features on me is my hair and eyes.
8. I like being short.
9. I can get really hyper and loud.
10. I'm so fat I dream about food.

Now, I would tag people, but I dont really have any affies! If your reading this, feel free to be tagged because I am tagging you if you are reading this.... xD


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Last Day Of Freshman Year~ Plus a special Bellaire day!
Sunday, May 29, 2011 ♔

So Thursday was the last day of my fishie year. I don't have to take any finals next week! Wooten. I'm exempt from most of them because of TAKS. I got commended on reading so I got exempt from English and World Geo, and I passed my math one so I don't have to take my algebra final. I dont need it anyways, my grade is a 100 in there. :P and then for band we took our final already so we don't have to be there and in teen leadership we do the same. I just used my left over exempt form for my French final. So i'm good~ The last day was pretty good. Lets start off from the beginning :

When I got to school I went into the library as usual and everyone had their camera's out and stuff. xD Some people haven't posted the pictures so I cant get to those yet, but I have a few from outside the library.

Most of them are blurry, and this is the best one I can manage to dig up.
So many people! But we had so many tries on taking a group photo, so yeah. It was really hard with all these people, but I love them all! 
Then we head into first period.  Did nothing special really. Watched Mr. Bean in French. xD Thats all..
Then usually walked to second with Misty & Narissa. In Teen Leadership we just watched Avatar.
Biology was fun~ 
Here are some pics:   

Jacquie made these little anime tear expressions and everyone was wearing them. It was so funny. xD And The picture to the right was taken before Bio by Pierre, and pictured from left to right is.. Hazel, Brenda/Linda, MOI, And Jacquie. In Bio our teacher gave us these little keychain thingies, and some candy. All was good. :D We just talked and listened to music the whole time. Then it was off to lunch!

FYEAH FOR FAIL ASIAN POSE. LOL. Oh gosh my face........ >< but its all fun~ LOL I see Eddie in the back. We conjoined tables with our split up table so, Laiba counted and we had about 14 people at one lunch table. Weeeeeeee, that was a loud table. xDD We were being stupid, and we started singing BABY by Justin Beiber because Stephanie had it stuck in her head. Laiba recorded it, and its on Facebook. Thats all that really happened. 

4th Period: The first half was pretty boring, then it started getting fun.
Towards the end, our teacher put up Hangman on the smart board, and about 7 of us were guessing what the heck these things were. This stuff wasn't even from this century! But, we would some how get it. Some of the stuff we knew. The most funniest thing is when we were guessing, and Michael put the vowels, so it was like "A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y!" and they were all in the answer, and it was hilarious the way he said it and stuff. It's a "you had to be there" moment. 

In 5th period:  It was shortened because of the 7th period exam, so we only had about 20 minutes in there, but when I walked in people were playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl for WII on the big projector screen. I really wanted to playyyyyyyyyy, but I didn't know any of those people. xD

6th: Nothing special, watched the Odyssey, thats about it.

7th:I didn't go to because I was exempt from! So we all went to the cafe, and hung out until it was time to go. We were just chilling, taking pics: 

Haha, the mustache! Twas a fun day, and summer is here! Going to have so much fun with friends and family. TA TA.


So on Friday, Vivian, Jacquie, Hoa, Elizabeth, Mirelle, and I went to Bellaire. Bellaire is our China town. We went to have lunch and just hang around, ya know. To celebrate the end of 9th grade. On the way there, Jacquie, Elizabeth and I were in Vivian's car (because she was taking us) and we were singing all these songs by, Lady Gaga, Far East Movement, & Taylor Swift. Who says we don't know American music, huh?

We went to this Sushi place Hokkaido, and omg. It was freaking heaven. SO MUSH GOOOOOOOOD FOOOOOOOD!

We all ordered our own, and then shared. I got a Spicy Tuna Roll, Elizabeth was Spicy Salmon Roll, Jacquie was Spicy Tempura Roll, Vivian was Chicken Katsu, Mirelle was Chicken Teriyaki, and Hoa was a Chiratsu bowl (?) cant spell it. ( It was a bowl full of seafood & some sushi with noodles)

As soon as the food came, we all attacked it. IT WAS SO YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY AHH! 

I felt so grown-up for some reason, haha. xD

Next we went to Teahouse to get bubble tea. I ordered Mango Strawberry Smoothie with Tapioca. YUMZ. For some reason my tapioca was warm, it was weird. o.o
Then we started walking around waiting for Vivians dad to get us, so we went into some random stationary place, and omg. found the weirdest stuff, like magazines.. and such.. yeah we left. Vivan's dad arrived and we were headed to fit~ In the car now with all people, we started singing again. We actually sounded pretty good. >< we could become a star like Lemonade Mouth.. no? xD There was nothing really at fit, so we just left and we were dropped off at Lee's Sandwiches. It was a loud place.. now I know why we were there. :P We started dancing in the walk way to random songs and just having fun. I loved that day so muchhh! Thats all that happened really. More did, but this post would be really long, isn't it already? But yeah. Hope to do more with them soon! Going to Jacquies Sunday :'D

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Thursday, May 19, 2011 ♔

I think the one thing most people hate is being left out, or feeling like you aren’t good enough. It’s just something I need to rant about because I can’t keep it in anymore longer. Maybe this is just a part of life, or just with people you’ve been friends with so long you feel changes and its just a phase. Sometimes I feel like I have to “win” people over, that I’m just left in the dust. I think some people have more fun with each other than they have with me. Sorry I’m boring. I’m just sick and tired of not feeling like anyone wants me. Or I feel they just tolerate me because I’m just there. Sometimes I think I am better off alone. 



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Teeter Teeter
Sunday, May 1, 2011 ♔

This is just a blaaaaaaaaah post. :P MAY IS FINALLY HERE. That means like 3 weeks till school ends. :3 I hope I got commended on my TAKS so I can exempt all my finals, and get out a week earlier, but then I have band practice for Disney, but it's all good. I hope this month goes by fast! Who doesn't?

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