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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 ♔

Most people should know by now that I really hate rap music, but K-RAP is a totally different thing. Lately I've been having a fetish for Korean rapping. I don't know why, I just started enjoying it. I think the beats, and lyrics are better than the American rap. I dunno, new fetish! I really like dok2, Jay Park, Double K, and san E.

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My Magical Journey 6/5 through 6/10
Monday, June 13, 2011 ♔

!!!! WARNING !!!! This may be a really long post. :>

Okay, so lets start off with getting to school Saturday morning. I arrived their around 8:50 or so. I found Brenda, and we just started talking and stuff. Then a huge group formed with the usual people. We were supposed to be out of the band hall at 10, but instead we were out there at 11. The stupid buses were late. .-. It was kind of a hassle to get on the bus, and put everything up and such, once we finally settled it was good. The best thing we could do was start off the trip watching Jeff Dunham. Horry crap, I freaking love that guy. For you guys who don't know who he is.. look em up, I find his work hilarious. Everyone on the bus was laughing so much. We watched the whole thing, and it was about an hour and a half that went by. Yeah.. 17 more hours to go. For lunch we stopped in some park in Louisiana, it was a really nice park actually. We spent about 45 minutes there so we could catch up with our schedule.

You can kind of see the view.. LOL IM SO UNFLATTERING FROM THE BACK. Anywhoo..

 The worst thing for me on the bus was the sleep. I couldn't sleep at all. Got none, and we had to wake up to get to the park in the morning. So.. around 9 we went to Golden Corral for breakfast, we had arrived in Florida and were about 45 minutes from Orlando. I was feeling really sick after we ate, and I actually slept until we were at the park.

Typhoon Lagoon:

We were spending Sunday day at this water park. It actually wasn't that great to tell you. I liked Schlitterbahn better, but eh. The best thing was the wavepool. OMG. They were like 7 feet waves, horry crap, I thought I was going to die. It was Ashley, Casara, Brenda, Casey, Sean, Gabe, Deseante, and me. Ashley and I went up closer... BAD MISTAKE. We got freaking knocked over and all I remember was Ashley pulling me down, and me  landing on some kid... O.O We did that for about an hour, and got bored and headed over to the lazy river. This river is actually titled properly. This was the slowest thing EVER. I thought it was really boring actually. XD My friends made it fun. All we basically did was go to the wave pool and lazy river a few times. Ashley, Brenda, and I got out, and just went to change and dry off. Ashley and I bought a funnel cake.... YUM. They make them fresh... ah.. my mouth is watering. It was about 20 minutes till we had to meet up at the front, so we decided to go. TO BAD WE GOT FRIKIN LOST HORRY SHIT. It was like trying to find a way out of a god damn maze. We then headed off to the hotel! The hotel was really nice actually.

And this was the lobby from the upstairs.
And then our room, (Roomed with Patti  & Ashley). Our room was room # 405 on the 4th floor. 

(Photos by Ashley.)

We had about 2 hours when we got in the hotel to shower, and change and stuff. We were going to Medieval Times Restaurant after!

Medieval  Times Restaurant: It's like a feast, and a old timey show. It was reaally fun oh gosh. I feel asleep on the way there haha, I was really tired, I also forgot my camera.. >< So I used my phone, but these pictures are from Ashley and other people. :P Here is what it looked like on the outside..:

                                                                            And the inside:

It's like a arena type thing, and you have 5 teams and they are all different colors. We were the gold team, ironic because our school colors is gold and black. xD When you walk in, you get these nifty crowns.
FREAKING G'S. Everyone on our team was so excited, I think we were the loudest ones. xP
Here is what we eat off of looks like: 
So cool. Just like a old time feast. xD
So, during the show you basically have to root for your knight to win the games, and defeat the horrible traitor at the end. Our knight was so unenthusiastic.. 

We always rooted and yelled for him, but he never smiled or anything! It was saddening. ): 
but, on the good side, we got huge pieces of chicken. 

And you had to eat it with your hands. 
Our side was probably the most loudest one. Another school from our district was there too. THS. They were competing with us, but we were still better. >< When it was all done, we got to just hang around the lobby for a bit. I think we made our knight famous, but I don't think he really liked us. At all. He didn't smile in one picture. D: Oh well, I got my hat signed though!
More pictures: 

Twas a really fun day. :) We then headed back to the hotel and had a quick meeting with our directors, and then headed up to the rooms! Curfew was at 11, but everyone was too tired to even stay up. My head hit that    pillow, and I was out like a light. 

Magic Kingdom: This place was probably one of my favorites. I rode my first roller coaster, and did a 50 foot drop.. in a log! This was also our marching day. Wake up call was at 6:00, Ashley, Patti and I actually were downstairs  around 6:30 and we were supposed to be down there at 7, but we wanted to get some starbucks, so we went down. 

Haha, random pictures in starbucks. ><

Then it was time for breakfast.. I'm not really a big breakfast person, so I didn't wanna eat, but I force fed myself so I wouldn't pass out or anything. 

The eating area was pretty nice. Thanks to all those waiters who had to clean up after EVERYONE. So much of us. We were to be at the buses at 8:30, so we had about an hour and a bit to just hang around. Hung around the pool with Ashley, Casara, and Sean. :]
It was finally time to go, and I was really excited! I've never been to Disney before, so I was looking forward to it. When we got to the park, we had to get our tickets from Chaperones and such, and after that we had to ride this ferry to get across to the magical land. 

And some more pictures from when we reached the front of the park.
Now it's time to look beyond the gates..:
Seeing the castle made me so happy. Finally with my own eyes got to see it. Not on pictures, or TV. I was actually there, and the little kid was unleashed again. First, Ashley and I were so amazed, we just started looking around shops and everything.. we took some funny pics. :P 

Then we just started walking around and doing random stuff. We also went on THIS RIDE: 

Haha, everything looked so real. Even Jack Sparrow, which I was going to jump out of the boat for.
At 1:00 we had to all meet up and we were taken backstage. No pictures, strictly forbidden. It's the core of Disney. And my eyes have seen alot back there ahah. xD
Marching in the heat with wearing what we were wearing was hell. I hated it so much, but yet I felt so famous. and awesome. We had to wear: Band Shirt, Shorts, high black socks, marching shoes, then our uniform over, plus hat and plume. Very hot. Everything was sticking to me. After marching, I never cooled down. After we were released from the back, we had more time to go do stuff. Lets see... I rode.. It's a small world, Pirates of the Carribean, Space Mountain (FAV), Splash Mountain, Flying Carpets, Buzz Lightyear, and something else..
Space mountain was the most awesomest thing. It was my first roller coaster. Space Mountain is indoor and it's like your in space, and it SUPPPPER Fast. So glad that I rode that. OMGSH I wanna go back so badly.

It was located in  a place called...

Splash mountain.. I was kind of scared to go on that, but I am so glad I did go on that, because it was awesome. Beyond words. It was a 50 foot drop into water, but I actually didn't get that wet from it, but it was still awesome. It was going against the story of Behr. So fun. ahajsd. I felt really adventurous after that. Like I could do almost anything. xD And I did in the other parks. 

Flying Carpets were based off of Aladdin. Its like riding on his magic carpet, it's just going up and down, but still fun. It was actually pretty funny. I was with Brenda, Kody, and Bryan. When we were sitting in the ride, Kody was messing with the steering wheel and it came off! We were all laughing so hard omg. We kept making jokes like. OH NO WE ARE GOING TO DIE. LOL. Fun stuff. 

The Buzz Lightyear ride was a game kind of thing. Your in a little cart, and you shoot the Z's for points and stuff. I did suckish ahah. I couldn't see anything. :P I should have brought my glasses. xD 
Brenda and I. xD Looking at our horrible scores. 

Night time was so fun. There was the fireworks show. That was completely break taking. I loved every minute even though I was stuck behind a motherflucking tree. It was still awesome though. The castle was lighting up and everything. :) 

That concludes Monday. :) On to Tuesday.

Epcot: I thought it was okay here. It was still fun, don't get me wrong, but I thought it was boring after a while. There was just alot of walking through stuff. Like little exhibits of countries and such. Still fun though. :)

Ashley likes to take random pictures, LOOK WE SO SECXII

I actually don't remember much when we got there... >.< But, I did go into the gift shop, and had pictures taken. :)

That was fun. I never bought the pins I wanted to buy though. D: Oh wells. 
I also got a pic in front of the Epcot globe thing. xD
Random people. xD
When the country part opened. Headed straight to Japan. Omg. They had a store, that. was. amazing. horry crap. money=gone there. xD 

Random pictures of the store. I don't remember what it was called.. but yeah. it was like Mitsojudzo or something. I got some pictures of China and in Germany: 

I mostly hung around with Bryan and Kody for a while, then with Brenda and all of them. XD I rode Mission Space with Bryan and Kody. That was a really cool flight stimulation. Holy crap, it was so real like. It's basically a stimulation on where you are in a rocket ship and you are flying to Mars and you are going through obstacles and stuff. It was CAJKCHAFOLC. 

Afterwards, there was a light show again. :D It had lasers and music, and MORE FIREWORKS! Was a good day too. This was they day where I thought my muscles were going to rip through my skin. So much walking and omgsh. I wanted to cut my feet off. 
That concluded tuesday!

Lets see.. Wednesday we went to Universal. OMG I LOVED IT HERE SO MUCH AHH. Just because Harry Potter was there. Horry shiet. Also met the twins from Harry Potter. AHHHHHHHHHH!

So once we arrived here. Went straight to Harry Potter with Ashley, & Gabe. We waited about... 2 hours in line..? Let me tell you though, totally fucking worth it. 

The castle. :3 and inside:
The ride was a roller coaster indoors. It was like a big screen though so its like your actually flying and such. The part that scared me was the dementors hah. It was creepy because they were flying everywhere, and I closed my eyes :3 I loved it so much, I was ecstatic after. And for those of you who don't know me. I'm a Harry Potter obsesser. After the ride, I went into Hogsmeade. Met up with Brenda, Casara, Gabe, and Casey. 
Filled with shops and such. 
THEN. Brenda, Casara, and I saw the freaking twins. Omg. As we were walking from a shop, they came right up beside us. The one that was wearing blue said "Hey, how are you guys doing?" and he got no response because we were in shock, that they had just talked to us. Holy crap. Casara said her heart skipped a beat, and so did mine. I couldn't breathe after. The twins were there for filming a commercial. PERFECT TIMING. 

After spazzing and such it was time for a drink. We decided to get some butterbeer! 

It was pretty good. It just tasted like extra creamy cream soda, with a butter frosting. It made Casara's stomach explode.. I mean EXPLODE. I can't actually remember what we did after, but I know we went into some line for Dudley's Rip falls or something. It was another water drop ride.. I think like 60 feet or something. I know that I screamed and closed my eyes all the way down, and got completely soaked. Totally worth it though :3 After that I think we went to go eat lunch. Oh gosh lunch was funny. My salad exploded on Casey, it's a YOU HAD TO BE THERE MOMENT. After lunch we went on this spiderman ride. 
Spiderman was trying to help you escape the city safely. It was in 3d too, awesome. I actually got scared because the villans were like clawing your face and such. xD Doc Oc would try to grab you, then he would shoot fire, and you would feel the warm air. So fun. AHHHHHHH! I WANNA GO BACK NOW THAT I'M TALKING ABOUT IT. Since there was nothing else to do, we went back to the Harry POtter ride, we only had to wait like half an hour because no one was there. As soon as we got in line, the wait time increased like 70 minutes ahah. There was this kid that was super funny, and Casey and I could not stop laughing. I was basically crying and about to pee my pants holy crap have I ever laughed so much. Casara was taking pics, and I really like this one : 
I dunno why. I just do. :) It makes me smile AND YOU CAN SEE THE KID. ITS THE ONE IN THE WHITE BEHIND ME. OH GOSH.  Ew, my natural hair. xP I would say that this day, was so magical, and so fun. I feel closer to some people and gained new friends. I love it. I just loved everything. 

NEXT DAY AND LAST! AT MGM:  Went straight to Aerosmith. I was really scared for this one too. But I heard it was worth while and it was. Really. One of my favorite rides the whole time. PRoud of myself for riding this shit. We waited in line for about an hour, didn't seem that long, because once we got inside it wasn't so bad. xD 

This ride, goes so fast. Look it up on Youtube. Ah. It's so freaking awesome. Gave me a Adrenaline rush after. Rode this ride 3 times. Thats how fun. I can't really remember what else was there. 
But... I love this picture :

Grateful for all these friends. :) 

I'm really happy I got to go. Happy that band got this opportunity. I will never forget this. NEVER. I will go back one day, because I just love it so much. I'll go back when I'm like 70 for all I care. It's amazing. Just, so happy, my life has been complete. Best summer ever. 

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