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Phone Deco'd
Monday, February 21, 2011 ♔

So I deco'd my phone recently. Here's what it turned out (on the back) :

I just did this to the back because on the front of my phone I have the LED matrix, so I didn't bother doing it. And plus it might look tacky. (I have a LG Dlite btw.) I also went out and bought this phone charm. It was about... $6? It matched the pearls so yeah. xD And I love Strawberries. :P 

And then you attach it and VOILA. My phone. xD It reminds me of those crazy Japanese phones. Oh man. My phone is like ruined if I try to take the sticker off. 

I didn't actually stick all those little pearls on my phone haha. I'm not that crazy. 

They came like this:

(Sorry for the bad quality, took on my phone camera)
I bought these at some Japanese store, and I just put them on my phone. xD I had to cut some off. 

 And there you have it. My phone that looks totally pimped out. Oh yeah. 

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Dream High
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 ♔

This.. is my first drama. LOL. I guess I never really watched dramas because of time, and other things? But this. This drama is so amazing. I love it so much. It's cute, funny, romantic, sad.. ALL IN ONE. I guess thats how most dramas go?  And the milky couple is so adorable.

Go Hye Mi - Suzy from miss A
Jin Gook - Taecyeon from 2pm
Jason - Wooyoung from 2pm.
Pil Suk - IU
Yoon Baek Hee - Eun Jung from T-ARA

You kind of have to watch it because I can't explain it really.. You will automatically pick up the story line. And some parts will probably make you teary eyed, if not .. then I'm a cheesy loser. I recommend to watch this if you like dramas, or if it's your first time watching one. ( I got hooked )

Rate :★★★★★

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UGH ..
Tuesday, February 1, 2011 ♔

Another problem of mine.. -.-
I feel like I'm losing close friends? Like someone who seems to be getting tired of me, but they don't say, or show it? Or like.. they seem like they have more fun with someone else, and not me. I'm not trying to be like clingy. But. I don't know. Just bothers me at times.  I miss old times.


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