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Nerf gun fights.
Sunday, January 30, 2011 ♔

Are awesome. It was at my cousins birthday party, and it kind of turned into a adult - teen party after that xD We discovered that my little cousin had like a billion nerf guns, so we decided to take them and play with it. We were just shooting them around and whatsoever and then it turned into a war. I met these to two girls named Jessica and Tiffany, and it was us against my dad, uncle, and two cousins. HOMG. It was epic. We had tried to take all their bullets and we did. And we had most of the guns too. Then the guys would raid us from downstairs. (we were upstairs) and we would attempt to trap them. OMG it was so fun. It went on for about an hour and a half. I will always be a kid xD

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Hoa's Birthday Party~~~
Sunday, January 23, 2011 ♔

Today and yesterday was my best friend Hoa's birthday. OMG. Was it ever so fun. What we did was we went to the mall and just hung out..

Okay, when I got there, alot of people were playing DDR, and just being weird. LOL. 
Then we went downstairs and ate some food then we headed to the mall~
 Elizabeth and I were in a lonely car, it was so quiet and we were like. O.O So we just watched videos.
When we arrived at the mall there was hockey practice going on, so that means we couldn't ice skate. ._. I really wanted to, but it was all good. 

We then went to Forever 21, and omg, there was so much cute jewelry. Hoa, Mirelle, Elizabeth, and I all bought the same exact things. My  favorite is the cupcake necklace :) Then we scouted this whole 2 story Forever 21 for a cheap shirt, but we couldn't find any. AND we also met Steph's boyfrand. Awwww<3

Theeen, we headed over to Charlotte Russe and found a shirt for $5! It's a orange shirt with boys on it. We all bought one. :3 

Then, we got really bored, so us 4 went walking, then Elizabeth was like "OMG THAT GUY IS SO CUTEEEEE" , so I followed  like a creeper for fun. Then he looked back at me, and got freaked out. I was embarrassed. -.- BUT HE WAS CUTE. 

Also when we were buying smoothies, I was letting Elizabeth and Mirelle have a taste of my smoothie, and some random guy comes up and is like.. "CAN I HAVE A TASTE".. and then it was really weird, and we  left. :P

After we were just playing around on the escalators, and trying to catch Hoa.

Then we met Stephanie's boyfriend's friends. They seemed pretty cool. xD Very goofy, but thats awesome.

The sky was dark, so we decided to head back to Hoa's. I didn't realize how hungry  I was until I started eating. I had like 3 plates of pasta. THEN PHO. Hoa's mom made it homemade, and it was soooooooo good. I could use some right now actually. 

I was so full I could hardly move. We went upstairs and just started doing random things. WE PLAYED DRESS UP. I was Cinderella, just like last year. OMG. Jacquie looked like a Asian hooker. 

Elizabeth, Misty, Jacquie, Mirelle, and me danced to Breathe by miss a , we actually learned quite alot. The beginning we had was quite strong. We danced it for about 2 hours, and stopped and our thighs were screaming pain. After, we went into a room and just talked about weird things. :P

Alot of people started sleeping, and aroud 4 in the morning, Elizabeth and I went to go get this giant bean bag that weighs about 40 pounds into this room. We had to sleep on it because there was no room on the bed. Then Jacquie couldn't sleep, so we talked for about 2 hours, and finally went to sleep around 6, but woke up at 9. O.O   

My eyes were like dying, but I had fun.  ;] We went downstairs because our stomachs were basically eating us because we were so hungry. It was like a restaurant. Oh my.. we were getting served and everything, I felt bad because we didn't do anything..

I had Choco Chip waffles and some sausage. Omggggggggggggg. So good. Then we watched Avatar The Last Airbender and Degrassi for like ever. Almost everyone started leaving and I did too, but I think it was a really fun day. (:

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Phone ads
Monday, January 17, 2011 ♔

I love this phone ad! It's for the LG Lollipop 2. I don't know why I like it so much. Maybe because it's cute and colorful? I have no idea. The ads in Korea are always appealing anyway. .-. also their phones as you can see.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011 ♔

How I feel so bad for you. For putting up with him. How you are so stubborn, that you can't even listen to what he's doing to you. Man, how much I want to tell you how he doesn't even like you, but yet he's with you. And after everything we told you, you still won't listen. And after what he's said to us, it seems like you don't care.


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Sunday, January 9, 2011 ♔

I haven't blogged in a while! Back  to school and bleeech.

Any who.  I saw Tron yesterday and it was pretty good! I loved the cool colors, and the graphics were cool.  My favorite part of the whole movie was the music alone. It was awesome. Some parts in the movie were a little slow and boring, but the action made up for it. I actually have the Tron game.. and I want to play it now.

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