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Appy' Harroween.
Sunday, October 31, 2010 ♔

Let the creeps rise, candy in bags, costumes, and all that jazz.
Enjoy everyone!

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Sat. 10/23/10 - Part of 10/24/10 = (^▽^)
Sunday, October 24, 2010 ♔

It was my party Saturday! It was so amazing~ Let me tell you a little about how it went:

Around 11 AM Hoa came over, so we could go to Bellaire. Jacquie was already there for like the longest of time. I felt bad because we had left late. Anyways, traffic was crazy and all that jazz. Hoa and I were jamming to old KPOP songs that we used to obsess over. (Heartbreaker, Breathe..etc.) We were also laughing at all the cars in the intersection who were being dumb, and saying that Asians can't drive in Bellaire. We met Jacquie at a place called Golden Market, and then we headed over to cafe 101. DAT PLACE IS SO GOOD OMG.

Eating at Cafe 101~
Heh, it was funny. They dressed up the place like a crime scene thing. Hoa and I were going to share a dish, but we had no idea what! We finally decided to go with fried beef udon. Man, was that good. Jacquie got mountain Fiji sushi, my mom got pepper chicken, and my dad... I have no idea. Nomnomnom. After we were eating, I decided to try this nifty jello thing.

IT WAS SO FANTASTIC. It was coffee jello in milk. And when you eat it, it's like a party in your mouth. Great, I want some now. While we were waiting for the check back, the waiter lost my mom's credit card. -.-  She found it by herself after, and I could tell she was mad. haha. While my parents were paying. Jacquie, Hoa, and me walked to a store called FIT! It was like an all Japanese store, it was so cute! We went to this booth were you take pictures, and you can decorate them. IT WAS SO COOL.

(Looks so futuristic)

Jacquie told me that these booths aren't really popular in our area, and I was glad to go to one. The pictures we took were so weird. LOL. They printed out as stickers. And nao we stick them. Everywhere. Even my parents loved the FIT! store. They did have some pretty nifty things in there. I didn't really buy anything because I was saving my money for Little Surprises. My parents walked out with like bag fulls. It made me laugh a little. We were running late because it was 2:20 and we had to be home before 3:30, so we had to "run like we were on steroids" We still had to go get Bubble Tea and hit HK Mall. We rushed out of FIT! Got in the car, and drove to the Tapioca place. We placed our order, and waited. And waited. And waited. We finally got our Tapioca's and ran to the car.
Left: Jacquie - Passionfruit somethin. Center: Me - Mango. Right: Hoa - Mango.
It was so good omgish. I want some right now. The mango was so fresh and sweet and just YUM. Another party in my mouth. We then headed over to HK and we had 12 minutes to go to Little Surprises AND get stuff from HK. At little surprises we got some cute stuff. I got a Rilakkuma pencil case, and some origami paper. Hoa bought us all Rilakkuma pencils. Thanks Hoa! <3 Jacquie knew the owner and she got free stuff. So not cool. And of course, I got 89cents off. awhyeah. Then we RANN to Hong Kong Market and grabbed 2 bags of potato chips, Shrimp Chips, a big tub of Lycee Jelly, and Coffee candy. We bought it and went to the car. We were so pressed for time it was funny. XD We arrived at my house exactly one minute before Eleanor arrived. That was funny. Then everyone started coming and we were like running around. And that was my Bellaire trip. c:


TIME FOR THE PARTY. All the guests started arriving and my house was like so full and loud. Very crazy too. We were running around like crazy idiots. After everyone arrived we were just doing random things. We attempted playing truth or dare and it failed. Then cranium but no one was listening, so yeah. Then we ate appetizers, CHICKEN WINGS BBY. Oh man they were good, but I saved it for the guests. I had like one. XD I had so much fun talking to Mirelle and Elizabeth. Oh gosh. We were talking about 2PM and then some how Chansung was brought up shirtless. Then we talked about Happy Trails. Yeah... "HAPPY TRAILS" We're so weird, but that made me laugh so much. I have no idea why. And they were like.. next time we should put one of 2PM's faces on the cake and you just slam your face into the cake kissing it. And then Elizabeth: "You can put Chansungs happy trail and just lick the way to get the prize" OMG I WAS DYING. It was so freaking funny, I almost fell off my chair. 

 Then the party started getting boring. People were in there own groups doing whatever. I was getting annoyed like alot, so I just sat an made jokes with Mirelle and Elizabeth. I don't know them THAT well, but I wanted to get to because they are really funny. We kept going back to the Happy Trail thing haaha.

OMG then we did this thing. First it was Ashley, Casara, and me. We went into my room, and it was really dark, and I closed the door all creepily and we started making weird noises. We were like banging up and down and just omg. Everyone else was like.... wtf. I was laughing so much. I never laughed that much in a while. Like WOWOWOW. The we did it again except with Mirelle, Elizabeth, Ashley, and Casara. Gotta make chur own fun~

THEN IT WAS GIFT TIME. My favorite part. Herher. 

Who gave bo?

Elizabeth - 2PM Don't Stop Can't Stop Album, plus really big 2PM card. ( I died)
Mirelle - Chococat notepad, and an American Eagle Sweater. 
Jacquie - One of those epic handmade marshmallow plushies, 2 Lollipops, Stickers, and a little stationary thingie. (I LOVE THOSE PLUSHIES)
Hoa - One marshmallow plushie + Rilakkuma pencil.
Ashley - The pink penguin plushie + $25 Best Buy gift card + M&Ms & A Rose. (Yum)
Cindy - (Not pictured) But 2 photoalbums and a photo frame.
Misty - Part of that green handmade book + Ramune + $10
Narissa - Part of green handmade book + Ramune + $10
Laiba - Perfume ( Smells goood)
Miranda - $20
Casara - $25
Eleanor - $20

Thanks everyone for everything! I love it all~ 

After that it was about time for everyone to leave. The only ones who were sleeping over were Elizabeth, Mirelle, Hoa, and Jacquie.

This was probably the best time. I loved it so much. Whem everyone left, we cleaned up a bit. And then it was... COMPUTER TIME. But we didn't stay on it the whole time. We actually started dancing. We were like so intense, but funny at the same time. Oh gosh . That was fun. After we laid down and started watching all these videos on my PS3 youtube thing. We were watching Korean music videos and spazzing everywhere! We started watching this thing called Mystery 6. It's a really scary Korean drama thing. We turned off all the lights and it was suspense. Very Very. THE GHOST THING KEPT POPPING UP EVERYWHERE. It was creeeeeepy. :3 I tried to scare Mirelle, but I failed. We ended up getting really scared so we turned it off and watched Attack Of The Pin-Up Boys. We kept making commentary, and it was funny. xD After, Jacquie and Hoa decided to go and watch a drama. So Mirelle, Elizabeth, and I were watching all this funny 2PM stuff, and music videos and crap. Major spaz party. We were eating all the snacks we had bought earlier. XD 

Around 4:30 AM , Elizabeth wanted to watch Ninja Assisian, so I put it on, and we were just fawning at rain. We finally hit the haystack at 6:30 AM. WHAT A KILLA.
We woke up around 9:30 AM, giving us 3 hours of sleep? Hoa had to leave early ;A; so yeah. Then we started watching videos again. Haha. People started leaving and then the day was over.

Jacquie let me keep her stuffed Elephant for today. c: I named it Brue. It's so soft and cute. >w<
I wants to steal it! I love how it rattles. xD

Plushie famiry! :D I LOVE THOSE MARSHMALLOWS. I can't believe Jacquie and Hoa made them by hand. They look so professional!

So the weekend was great, and I had fun! Thanks everyone again! <3

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Can't wait till Saturday gaiz.
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 ♔

Okay, here's the plan: 
11:00 AM Go to Hong Kong Mall with Hoa and Jacquie
- Little Surprises
- HK Market- to buy food for sleepover.
- Bubble Tea
- Lunch?

3:30 Everyone I invited comes over and we just hang out and do random stuffs. 

9:30 Everyone except, Hoa, Jacquie, Elizabeth, and Misty leave. 

10:00 to whenever.......... PARTY. :D 

Hope everything goes as planned. I just hope.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010 ♔

"When you walk away, you don't hear me say please..Oh baby, don't go. Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight. It's hard to let it go."


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Birthday Wishes~
Thursday, October 14, 2010 ♔

Thanks everyone for the great birthday!
Jacquie gave me coffee candy. YUMM

Mirelle gave me $5
Brian gave me Sour Skittles. YUM
And everyone else gave me their love.
My whole 5th period class sang happy birthday to me because of Ashley.
It's kind of awkward when your just sitting there while everyone is staring at you. XD And the same in 7th period when Jose started it. It made me feel loved though. <3 Also at the football game, my whole Flute section sang happy birthday to me too! Thanks everyone! I can't wait for my party next week. Woo~

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 ♔

I love this person. ^ Yup, right here. <3 Just omg. I feel so happy right now. I could just dance. Literally. THISPERSONMAKESMYDAYSBETTERSOMUCHAJCHAKJC. I think we were made to be friends. Herpdederp.

Dear, JACQUIE. (Dubulge #2 ^-^)
I find that so amazingly wonderful. I feel special. And I mean it in a serious way. Like, we have so many memories it would take up a billion light years to fill. That's alot. I love all the laughs, insiders, and just EVERYTHING we have. :D Dongsaeng, Unnie lubs you so much. <33

-steals candy- ...XD

* Unnie ;]


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I want some more coffee candy
Monday, October 11, 2010 ♔

I stole one from Jacquie at lunch and it was goooooood! It’s like a party in your mouth. I mean, you get coffee without the burning sensation, spilling, and the whole cup thing. And it’s like drinking coffee during class. XD MORE JACQUIE.It's just like a little brown square. But you pop it in your mouth and it's like PARTAAAAY.

Today,  I was so hyper. I don't know why. it started in French. I think Sean (oscar) made me hyper haha. I call him Oscar because he reminds me of Oscar off of Shark Tales. It was funny. XD
Also in band, Ashley and I were cracking jokes. Omg. XD I LOVE HER.

......... birthday Thursday. Meeh

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Wow, I haven't been posting for a while.
Sunday, October 10, 2010 ♔

So, what's been up:
School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band,School, Homework, Band. Yeah.

Marching is going well. Have done 2/3 contests so far. The next one is this weekend. {my birthday weekend. >.>} But yeah. We've also  won lots of football games so it's good. Also meeting new friends is cool! :D

 I have such a busy life, and people say it's just getting started. AGH. But, school seems to fly by. I mean it's already October. Marching season is almost done, and just WOW. Well, besides that.. 

Today, I went to the mall with MISTY! :D It was so fun. It was probably one of the most fun I had in awhile. I saw my old friend KABIR. OMG. I HAVENT SEEN HIM SINCE THE 6th GRADE HORRY SHIET. 
That was cool. xD And then I saw Tyler. It seems like I always see him on outings. XD But yeah. I had fun. I bought ANOTHER phone charm, and best friend keychains with Misty. And we also met this one girl in the manga section. LOL. Her name was Rebecca. She seemed cool. XD Ahhhh, I love my friends. <3

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So, I has no homework.
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 ♔

I should enjoy this for once, but no. I has to dry and straighten my hair.  And I had to go to a bloc party.
This never ends. .-.


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