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Sunday, March 20, 2011 ♔

Ugh. I don't wanna go baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. -pouts- But, alas I have to. I guess catching up with friends and everything is good. Just I dread english. Who knows whats brewing in that class for us to do. Ack, we also have no day off in April because of the bad weather day. poo. Just hope it goes by fast into summer.


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Strawberry nails + Mini Haul
Saturday, March 19, 2011 ♔

I went shopping on Thursday around this place called Harwin. It's some Asian plaza..(Chinese, Indian..etc) It's more like outlets and a TON of jewelers. It was so cheap there. Most of it was costume jewelery, so I wasn't really into it, but when I started looking around, I found some stuff. I got this cute bow bracelet that I really love:

(Sorry the pictures I put up are so crappy, it was rainy outside, so my lighting was off and BLECH)
That cost me around $6? Pretty cheap. It's a cuff bracelet too. I also got these stunning green shades. 
These were about $4, not bad. The funny thing is that when I went to Target after, I saw the same exact ones there for $13. Oh yeah. Don't they look cool?

Then I saw this. And I thought.. I. Must. Get. This. NOW. It's a strawberry necklace! And how much I just 
it! This little piece of awesome cost me $5 so I was super happy. Yeah Yeah Yeah.

After Harwin, we drove over to a Super Target, my mom had to pick up a few things, but I also got shtuff. hehe. I was the most surprised when my mom let me get permanent hair dye. I was like  , but  then I was like... The color is a copper-ish brown. I think I'm dying it today. I hope it shows up. I'm very paranoid about that. >< but.. ahh, I have to try I guess? 

I also got this eyeliner. It ws $2.94 and it actually works really good! It's a liquid, and the color is a pearly-black. (means it has some shine to it) and I wore it for about 8 hours yesterday, and it stayed perfectly fine, no smudge or anything. So I recommend this one if you like liquid eyeliner. You can get it at probably any drugstore. 

The day before I went to this Japanese store called  FIT.   It's like a Asian dollar store, but so much better. I got a few things. 
I got a pencil case, It folds into a pouch thing, and it has whales on it. Strawberry scented lead... hehe. A pencil.  LOL. And this eraser that smells like pineapples. 

                                                     AND TIME FOR MY NAILS. 
Yeah, not the best I know. XD But I tried, and they look alright to me.. It took me about 30-40 minutes.. lots of time. I learned the tutorial from bubzbeauty on Youtube. She's so cute, and a beauty guru, so creative and lots of helpful tips about hair, makeup..etc. She's so pretty too~ 

                              *Well. Sorry for not blogging in a while. I know I haven't blogged since like 2 weeks, but I try, but I always have to go somewhere, or do something. I didn't forget about it though! 

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Free backpacks and dress drop-offs.
Thursday, March 3, 2011 ♔

So, today at school the company Adidas came and did  this survey thing. It was a survey about what patterns we liked, and it was to help Adidas decide what patterns to  launch in their new spring line. At the end when you finish the survey you got a free drawstring backpack. I was like *o*! Even though it's what ghetto people at our school use LOL. It looks like this :

Except mine is just all black. A $15.00 value free!

Jacquie came over not to long ago. She dropped off a dress for my mom. It's for my moms dinner thing and the them is like Asian, so Jacquie's mom let her borrow a really pretty traditional dress. It's purple with flowers on it. It's so pretty~~Can't wait till SAT.

Random :  I had so much fun in Algebra / Advisory today! There was a group of: Dani, Lorena, Andy, Michael, and me! It was a study group for our world geo test. And I was testing Andy on it, and Lorena was owning Andy so bad at answering the questions. xD Michael and I didn't know anything. Hahaaa. I bombed that test too, I knew nothing on that map I swear. I only knew like 2 countries. Ah, this class is becoming better, and it's like the end of the year. -.- oh wells!

FRENCH WAS SO HILARIOUS OMG. Misty and I were like dancing and singing. *It was after we were done with work and the teacher let us talk and stuff.* Misty was doing creepy laughs, and people were like Then Misty was like , your jealous because you can't grind like me and she started humping the desk and Lorena saw, and was like ....What. In. The. World. Omg I was dying. Then we were walking down the hall and I was singing miss A's breathe in a man voice.
Ah, good times, good times. ^^

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011 ♔

Has been crazy yo. Well actually not really, but in my views it has. I had no homework really, but in English we are starting Romeo and Juliet and I do not want to know what project we have to do for that. I really need to get my grade up in there same with Biology. Ack~
So, we had the TAKS Tuesday. It was so stupidddddd. I hate them, I think they are pointless. (BTW, only TX has them) I hope I did good on my OER -bits nails-

I'm starting to not have a problem with Teen Leadership because we do nothing in there, so yeah. xD It doesn't bother me that much anymore.

For some reason, it feels like I've changed? My spirits have been elated. I feel more happy than I have been for the last month. I dunno, but I feel like my old self again. Yay~

ON SATURDAY ELIZABETH AND JACQUIE ARE COMING OVER WHOOP-DE-DOOP. I haven't had fun in a while. HEHE. Stupid school. ><

I have a test tommorow. It's 70 questions. I left my review in my locker, which results me into not studying. I'm really stupid. Bah. I'll cram. As always. xD

Omg HOA DRAWS THE CUTEST THINGS I FREAGGING SWEAR. One day I'll post a pic, but I don't have one right now.
This post is basically about nothing, just talking about random shit. LOL.

wow, I really need to paint my nails....

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